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Spouse and Child Visa


Dependents can travel to and reside in countries like australia , canada etc.

Spouse and child visa allows the family members of a citizen or permanent resident in a foreign country to join and stay with him/her in the foreign land. The family immigration norms vary from country to country. Benefits of spouse and child visa also differ from country to country.

Dependents can travel for:

Family Reunion for Children.

Family Reunion for Spouses .

To get married or to enter a registered partnership.

Documents Required

Beside valid passport, the other documents required are:

  • Declaration on True and Complete Information
  • Consent Letter from both parents regarding child’s move to any country like australia for dependent children
  • Proof of Reason for Parent/Spouse’s Stay in for ex: Australia
  • Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate of both in visa application
  • Certificate of Marriage Ability & Birth certificate of dependent if planning to marry in country like australia or canada
  • Informal Invitation Letter from your spouse

Visa Fee & Processing Time

The Visa Fee for the applicable visa type is listed in the table below. The fee mentioned is applicable per applicant.

For children: take an example of eurpoe

  • 60 Euros (Above 12 Years)
  • 35 Euros (For Children between 6-12 Years of age)
  • No visa fee is charged for children below 6 years of age

For adult:

  • 60 Euros

Long term visa (including Student, employment, training or internship)

  • For children: 30 Euros
  • For adult: 60 Euros